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Celestron Star Sense Explorer 102DX

Sgt Pepper

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Hi Barry


i have been eagerly awaiting a pic of your new scope and it looks great.🙂

Your Red Dot Finder (RDF) looks identical to the one supplied with and still on my scope. It does the job, but I find that I often have to re jig the alignment with my scope. It gets me in the right area, but I can’t seem to get it spot on. However, If you use a long focal length EP (32mm approx) as a finder piece, you can usually get your target in the field of view, (or if not very close to it) and then you can centre it in your view before selecting an EP of a higher magnification. 

I am still trying to decide what to replace my RDF with, but as yet I am undecided.


Clouds are preventing observing for me at the moment and probably are for you, but I am spending a bit of time researching what targets I want to have a go at and where they are in the sky.



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1 hour ago, Sgt Pepper said:

It seem the one on your link has a different mount to the one you pictured (which is the mount I would need)? 🙂




I think they all come like this. I have an 'Astromania' still in the box identical to the TS in the picture above. They all have Weaver (NATO) mounts anyway. The stands may differ, but as far as I can recall the stand is included.

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