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Triangulum Galaxy and frozen fingers...


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Last night's offering was the Triangulum Galaxy. Managed a total of 1.5 hours of 2 minute exposures...it was rather chilly though! Despite the -5 degrees wind chill it was good to get outside...seems like way too long since the last session.
This beauty is about 2.7 million light years away and measures about 60,000 light years across. Someone, somewhere, has worked out the galaxy contains about 40 billion stars, though I haven't counted them myself.
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49 minutes ago, Marmot said:

Well your suffering the cold was well worth the image. What a great shot.

Now whilst you’re waiting for your fingers to warm up you could get on with counting those stars🙂


One, two, three, four...errr...five...


Thanks for your kind words.

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Nice image 👍. You guys that stand out in the cold have my respect for your commitment 👏. I've gone soft in my old age, and sit in the shed/summer house, with a fan heater, and communicate wirelessly with a Mini PC on the scope.

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