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Hi from Lancashire

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Hi everyone from Lancashire. With Covid Lockdown from march this year I decided I would get back into photography again. But since I couldn't actually go anywhere I settled on astrophotography and what has followed has masses of purchases and lots of frustration with a steep learning curve.

I have purchased 3 telescopes started with an astrofi 130 and quickly realised it was the wrong telescope for capturing DSO.

So purchased a Celestron EdgeHD 800 with Advanced VX mount and Zwo ASI 1600MM camera and filter set which I love but I wanted a second scope to use to maximise on the very few clear nights so have just purchased a Skywatcher 72ED refractor and Skywatcher EQ-6R with Altair astro 183C Pro camera for a widefield rig.

I purchased Maxim DL and Starry Night for imaging and is taken a long while to get a workflow sorted for the first scope as I have held a lot of misconceptions and water a lot of clear nights with my stupidity. I am amazed at how Advanced the Software is and all problems with aligning a 2230mm focal length scope correctly the fix was far easier than I realized.

But I'm here trying to learn the setup of the latter scope and then after that my purchase of a Explore scientific iExos-100 with an unmodified Canon DSLR and a selection of lenses will allow me some further fun.

What I have learnt is I love the challenge and the tinkering more than the end result... In am still learning and my initial astrophotography attempts leave a lot to be desired as I'm still trying to figure out the post processing techniques.

It is a challenge but as said I love it. Just need some more clear nights as the weather has been atrocious with very very few clear nights. I even missed neowise.

Here is my Flickr!

Stuart Buchanan

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I think a lot of people have got into Astronomy thanks to CV.  You seem to have come a long way in a short time, and the spending spree is pretty normal for this hobby.

As you say a huge learning curve and post-processing is a bit of a dark art that can take years to perfect.

Welcome to this community.


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@ChrisWright I went full colour for the widefield rig not sure it was the right decision TBH as I love my Zwo 1600mm and nitrogenase filters. but this week purchased a starlight express 2" 5 position filter wheel to run with it. So now have a CLS Filter, quad band filter, an ND filter for some lunar experimentation. No filter and also a dark frame filter. As I am to lazy to go outside and cap the scope.

But will get hopefully get a run at some imaging again this weekend as Saturday night is looking promising.

But also thanks also everyone for the warm welcome

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