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From Wireless to Ethernet


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From Wireless to Ethernet.
With a Mini PC mounted on the scope, and communicating with it wirelessly, I found the Lag unacceptable, but I thought I would try wireless first.
Put the Mini PC (a Gigabyte i7) close to the router, and it was acceptably quick. However, the Router is at the front of the house, and Mini PC is on the scope at the bottom of the back garden, with a wifi extender at the rear of the house, and another in the shed near the pier, the lag was too long.
As such, I am going to run a Cat5e UTP cable from the shed (my warm room), in the buried conduit that carries the 12V and 19V (mini PC) cables from the shed to the pier.
I have already done a test run using an equivalent length of Cat5e UTP, and difference in speed is significant, virtually no Lag.
So, tomorrow, weather permitting I'll install the Ethernet cable. Wisely, when I installed the power cables, I also included a draw cord , for any future additions. 🙂
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Definitely the way to go Dave. I have structured cabling running throughout my house/garage/workshop etc and have have run cable to 2 external ethernet ports in a weatherproof box specifically for the astro gear. I can switch those ports on and off as they are connected to a layer 3 switch. I never bothered at all with wifi to control the astro gear as wifi can be hit and miss. Having a ethernet cable connecting the gear is so much better especially running at 1Gbit and large file sizes.

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This morning, before the rain arrived, I managed to get the Ethernet cable through the buried conduit out to the pier, and yes I pulled another draw cord in with it 🙂. Also got the RJ45 plugs crimped onto the cable ends. I still had the tools, and a variety of connectors from my previous astro imaging days 🙂
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