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A quick shot at the Horsehead Nebula IC 434


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I planned to image the Horsehead nebula with my wide field gear but conditions have not been trusty-worthy enough to risk a field trip and its a work night. But, for about 1 hr, (currently 11pm) the nebula is visible from my "observatory" through a gap in my trees, so after mopping out from another bought of rain, I gave it a ago.


Out of the 1Hr the middle 44 minutes were wind-blown but clean enough to stack, the rest being diffracted by branches! This is a 2xbin and a big crop Ha with edited stars:

I wondered why my framing triggered memories but then recalled a Palomar Observatory picture. Its clear I need a few more subs to tease out equivalent detail!


In my rush I had the gain at 0 but despite that it not bad.


Here is the full-frame with unedited stars. (Asi1600mm pro, OO250mmF4.8)


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