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Hello from NW Cumbria in the UK

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Good evening to you all, my probably long-winded life story / introduction!

The last time I had the current kit out was in 2015 as confirmed by my handset details, this was due to suffering a long term debilitating lower back issue meant I only just glimpsed into the realms of astrophotography before I threw the towel in and sold the majority of my good eyepieces and the synguider, which in hindsight was silly, but that is the way it goes. I was previously not physically able to move the kit back and forth from the house, and an observatory or fixed pier was not a choice at this location. Needless to say I am much better now and learning to live with the issue, so I took the plunge, cleaned the mirrors, collimated the scope, charged the powerbank up, set the mount up and out I went with my zoom eyepiece and I enjoyed the evening until everything froze over. ;)
On a serious note, I am really considering reducing the optical size of the telescope in the near future to something more practical as this 10-inch-254 mm parabolic mirrored Newtonian and the NEQ6 mount is not that much fun to shift back and forth into the house as I found out! Look forward to picking your brains and hopefully catching up with old members from astronomyshed. Respect and peace, John.

Current kit specifications are:
TS GSO 10" 254 mm f/ 4 1016 mm parabolic imaging Newtonian
2” Monorail Crawford focuser with a 10:1 gear option.
Skywatcher NEQ6 SkyScan Pro
TS Optics 2" Newtonian Telescope Coma Corrector for f/4 optics
TS Optics 80 mm Guide Scope
Canon EOS 7D Camera
Sky-Watcher 22Ah Power Tank (Yuasa battery upgrade)

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A small Addendum: I am really enjoying this small and growing forum, as I have found you all to be welcoming. Other forums that I had joined have either shunned me or ignored my comments / questions for whatever reasons. I am thinking they thought I was a total newbie who will pester them with silly questions that their massive brains do not want to make the effort upon and they of course do no want to share the hidden secrets, I got that on a few metal detecting forums in the past, I prefer to be an ambassador for my hobbies. I may be a relative newbie to astrophotography via the newer methods as all in PC controlled kit, but the other side of the hobby was visual and film astrophotography over a few decades, so I must have learnt something. Likewise, I guess if you do not give the time of day to someone, you can never really know what they do know.

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Just now, Galileo said:

yes I know, just boosting my post count 😁

Fair enough, boost away. I have been absent from the group for a little while as lots of changes in my life at the moment, car getting written off by a deer and that to sort out which took ages and lots of hassle as well as looking for a new location to rent, it is all go.

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