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First attempt - quite pleased!

Peter B

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The sky has been overcast just about every evening since I bought my Sky Watcher 130P on an AZ GTi SynScan mount.


When the clouds parted the other afternoon for what looked like was going to be long enough, I grabbed the chance to set up on the crescent moon in a darkening late afternoon blue sky.  I attached my SV305 camera, aligned the scope as best I could with no stars visible and did a GOTO the moon, plugged the camera into my lap top running SharpCap and focused.


After centering the moon I was impressed with the mount's tracking with the target staying pretty much centred on the lap top and using SharpCap for the first time managed a few 25 second AVIs   The clouds didn't take long to end the session though.


Using RegiStax for the first time was an experience but I got the basics I think and I'm quite pleased with the result of my very first effort after coming back as a 'born again' having last had a telescope as a kid more than 60 years ago.


Looking forward now to some clear skies, but not really to wading through the 311 pages of the SharpCap manual and the 300 pages of the RegiStax manua to get to know how to do it properly!






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Thanks. I didn't know whether to set the camera to B&W or not.  I didn't and it turned out exactly as it looked to the naked eye.  It was about 4.15pm, the sun had gone below the horizon and the sky was getting a darker blue by the minute.  It's a pity there's no dual speed focuser available for the 130P though!

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