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M78 under a chill wind...


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I only learned about M78 after seeing some pics on the net recently...I loved the contrast between the red and blue areas of nebulosity/star formation.


Despite the moon starting to rise higher in the sky I thought I'd give M78 a go...I wasn't too fond of the gusty wind and the temperature hovering around freezing, but am pleased I managed to capture something. The weather having been what it is this year it's been a case of trying to get outside whenever there's a hint of clear sky. Even using the Asiair Pro in the warmth of my kitchen, I still end up having to go out into the cold for focussing, etc. In the end I managed about 1.5 hours of 2 minutes exposures. Brrrrrrr!


I found this one a bit of a challenge to process what with trying to keep the clouds of dust/nebulosity and differentiating between the reds and blues.



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