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Hello from Central New York


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Hi all...I've been interested in astronomy since I was a kid, which was many years ago...I'm at a point in my life where I'd like to see things for myself instead of looking at pictures. (It also helps that now I can afford to do it)...I've started looking for my first real telescope, not the $20 Walmart specials...I have a few that I like and will be asking your opinions on them. I've done a little lurking here and this forum seems to have a lot of helpful, knowledgeable people so I decided to join in...

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Hello Raz, welcome to the Yard. You won't get a decent scope for 20 bucks, or even 20 quid lol. 




Don't rule out the famous Synta 80mm achromat (sold under various brand names). I got mine for £100, although that was only the OTA. I later added a GSO aftermarket focuser. A scope like this will get you started and it can be used on a light mount. You'll be surprised what you can see with an 80mm achromatic doublet. 




T-shirt is optional.



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