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The beautiful Pleiades


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First time shooting this target and I'm blown away at how pretty it is.This is 7 hours of 180s guided subs taken over 2 nights of clear skies. Really pleased with how well this has come out. I soon realised that there was a lot of dust around this cluster of stars. So much so that the background isn't just black at all. The integration time has started pulling in the brown dust also, and there's even a real faint spiral galaxy by the name of UGC 2838 to the right. This little (but very large) galaxy is a staggering 232 million light years away. I mean, how is this even possible?!! Yet again, my mind has been blown 🤯


Skywatcher 72ed, HEQ5 PRO, Lightwave 0.8 reducer/flattener, Hypercam 269c TEC - Sharpcap for capture

Starwave 50mm, GPCAM2 290c - PHD2 for guiding


7_hours_m45  BYA.png

UGC 2838.png

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