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NGC246 & 255

Greg M

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NGC246 The Skull nebula in Cetus
Also known as Caldwell 56.
The small barred spiral galaxy on the left is NGC255. Even smaller, there are four other galaxies near NGC255 that are visible in the original stacked image.
Explore Scientific ED152 CF APO, ASI2600mmPro,Chroma Filters, iOptron CEM70EC mount, Captured with NINA, Processed with PixInsight.

I'm going to hang on to this data to add to it. I only managed a bit over 2 hours on this subject while I was waiting for M81/82 to get high enough to image.

14x 2min Red = 28min
14x 2min Green = 28min
13x 2min Blue = 26min
6x10 min Ha = 60min

Total Integration Time = 142 minutes


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