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samyang AF 24 f1.8 or samyang 24 f/1.4

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I'm new into Astrophotagraphy and looking to buy my first proper lense for my Sony A7c. So far I have only the 28-60kit lense.

I think it makes sense to start with a wide angle lense as i don't have any tracking system and I'm just getting started.

After some online search i think a Samyang 24mm would be a good start for me, they have good reviews and are not too costly.

Below i listed the pros and cons of the Samyang AF f/1.8 over the Samyang AF f/1.4:


+ AF (not for astrophotography but I intend to use this lense for genereal photography as well)

+ sharpness

+ desinged for astrophotography(don't now what this means except the focus help it has, any other specific advantages?)

- price (a used 1.4 i can find for 190$, the 1.8 i can't find used and a new one costs aboiut 500$ here)

- apperture (is this an disadvantage or do you have to step down the 1.4 anyway to match the image quality of the 1.8 so it makes no difference?)

- Samyang in general: scattering in quality from lense to lense (is this actually true in compare to other manufacturars? can this be significant in actual images taken?) 


Do you agree with these pros and cons?

Would you maybe suggest a different lense altogether?


Thank you,

Best Regards,



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The minimum F ratio may not be realised on those lenses, as when you stop down the lowest F ratio you may find colour and focal aberrations showing up in the image, therefore you end up increasing the F ratio to compensate and this is normal for most lenses as they are never optically perfect. The above lenses are both amicable and I think both would do more than you need, so it comes down to your personal choice. 1.8-1.4 I think would not add much of a difference in the real world scenario, but on preference I would opt for the 1.8 as I think the optics will match this ratio better, but then they can vary subtly from one batch to the next which includes scattering, so the choice is yours. Hope my waffling helped somewhat. 😉

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