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Saying hi from The Netherlands

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My name is Tim, living in the North Eastern part of The Netherlands, were luckily skies aren't as bad as in the West. I have been into astrophotography for just over 10 years now. My main equipment is an 8 inch F/5 Newton carried on a NEQ6, guiding with a QHY5/180 mm finder guider combo. I like to do a fair bit of DIY to control the expenses of the hobby. Amongst my DIY projects are the following: Peltier cooled Canon 350Da, Arduino controled motor focusers, Flight cases for storing/moving equipment.


I used to image from a 2nd story balcony, where I had a micro observatory constructed.


However I had to dismantle this, due to breaking up of my relation at the time. This also ended my imaging for a couple of years, after moving places. This spring, i decided to dust off the equipment put some new life into this lovely hobby. Also started construction on a new, bigger observatory with roll off roof, The Sting Of The Scorpion Observatory, or [TSO]2 for short.


In addition, I also moved from my modified DSLR to a genuine astrocamera with the Altair Astro Hypercam 269C Pro TEC, as my DSLR finaly gave up just before dismanteling my old obsy. Recently had a serious first light testing both my new setup, as well as my bortle 5-6 skies. Looking forward to contributing and interacting with you all on this new forum. 

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@Carastro Well my skies are certainly much better as in the densely populated Western parts, but I still live in a fairly suburban area, so my skies are mostly around Bortle 6, maybe 5-ish on very good nights. I was very happy with the outcome of the Ghost nebula, as dark nebula are my favorite objects to image, although they do take crazy exposure times with my skies.

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