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A Sad Day for Astronomy - RIP Gina


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I have been today advised that sadly Gina has passed away at her home in Devon.


I had the good fortune to meet her in September at Notgrove and found her to be a truly happy, articulate, intelligent, smiling lady.


The Astronomy world will miss her skills, expertise and designing of all things mechanical and electronic, especially her 3D printed designs.


I'm sure others will post about arrangements etc in due course.

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John, thanks for sharing this very sad news here. I got to know Gina virtually over the past few years and then in person at Notgrove last autumn. I also had a few telephone conversations with her over the past year, most recently on Monday. It is indeed shockingly sad news. RIP Gina.

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I had a lovely email this evening from the local charity support group volunteer who attended Gina and dealt with the immediate aftermath, after I contacted them to investigate. I wanted to share this extract, as I think it will ring very true for those that had the privalige to know Gina on here, even if only virtually...

I’m very sorry about Gina, and glad that she obviously had a very good friend who took the trouble to investigate when you didn’t hear from her. I didn’t know her but by all accounts she was an amazing person and I’m glad that (name deleted by me) and I found her and could look after her. It was incredible to see her observatory and obviously highly technical equipment which she was building, in juxtaposition with the goat and rickety old sheds.

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Thanks for posting this up John, and thanks to your timely action Geof, she was not lying on her own undiscovered for too long, I dread to think how long it would have been before she was discovered if it wasn't for the whatsapp group that a number of us and she belonged to.  


She doesn't have close family, only a sister in law and some nieces and nephews who don't live nearby, the police are trying to locate them.  


I dread to think what will happen to all her clocks and DIY projects as probably no-one but Gina will realise their true value or even how to work them as she made the components to operate everything too.  Hopefully some-one will get back to us regarding the Astro kit, of which there was much as well.

At least we have established that her pet goat Belle is being cared for by a neighbour.  


A very clever lady who will be much missed by the Astro community.





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