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Greetings from Milton Keynes


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Quick introductory post.

I took up Astronomy about 15 years ago having had some interest since I was very young. For the past 10 years or so I’ve used an SCT in a roll off roof shed observatory, mostly observing but dabbling in AP from time to time (hampered by poor purchasing decisions). I’m also very interested in the science of astronomy and astrophysics, through the OU and also attending lectures when I can.

I’ve recently regained enthusiasm after a couple of years off, helped by finally replacing my ageing observatory laptop with a mini PC, so now I can successfully run more than one piece of software at a time 😮
Look forward to engaging with folks here and continuing my learning.

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Hi and a warm welcome, I assume your AP development is hampered by your equipment. My first system was a 12” Meade GPS and was quickly replaced by a separate equatorial mount and OTA to pursue AP. To get the Meade to effectively support long exposures was beyond my skill set at the time, first lesson learnt.

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Thanks Martin. 
My first goto scope was also a Meade, 8”, and I struggled for a while with wedges etc before trading up to the C9.25/NEQ6. Probably the biggest handicap was a QHY5L, my laptop just couldn’t cope with it and I rather lost heart with AP and stuck to observing. 
I was able to get some basic results with a Canon and also various webcams, but all unguided. 
I finally got an ASI 120MC and a mini guide scope, just in time for the laptop to expire completely last month. 
Hoping the new Mini Pc will finally let me make some progress. 

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