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Image framing problem, and solution

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There doesn't seem to be a section for this anymore, the adaptors section appears to be non functional, so I am posting it here.


My WO flattener/reducer screws into the end of the focuser tube, which makes for a nice tilt free connection. However while the flattener, extension tube, and camera are a nice rigid connection, the camera is not rotatable, so framing the image as I want it, is not possible.


The solution was to use an inline rotational adapter.  I purchased this TS Optics item from Telescope Express in Germany:-




Nicely engineered, slime profile, self centering, secure, and movement free when locked up. It also accommodates a 2" filter. In my case an Optolong E-Enhance.


I can now set the camera at any orientation, lock it in position, and image with rigid end-to-end setup.

rotator diagram.jpg

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