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Next Season - teaser trailer


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I was walking the dogs earlier this evening and although it was blustery, the rain had stopped and the clouds cleared revealing an amazingly transparent sky- even with the full moon it was a wonderful sight. So back home and I thought I would give the Upper panel in Orion/Barnards Loop a try out.

Sitting in my POD with wind swirling around it was very calm and surprisingly warm - got everything running and captured 55 minutes with guiding a very respectable 0.7-0.9 RMS. I knew another band of rain was due so as soon as the guide star SNR started to drop I packed up and closed the dome - sure enough the rain came in about 9pm.

Just processed the short integration, matched it with a relatively unprocessed 2-panel version and hacked it around in PI and Photoshop - no multi-band blending to be seen here tonight.


Anyway as I said here is a taster of the three panel mosiac of Barnards loop that I hope to publish in full next season, adding another 3 panels to include witches Head will also be something on the to-do list - super widefields with Samyang 135mm are such rewarding projects

Hope everyone has got through today's storm and battened down for the next round Thursday/Friday




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Just love these wide field shots, there's so much to see. Can't wait to see you next rendition Bryan.  I bought the Samyang 135 lens just over 12 months ago but only been able to use it once whilst on holiday in Northumberland. The vistas were amazing.   Gary

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