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NGC 2359 in HOO - at the tail-end of Storm Eunice


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That is wonderful Tony.  It can be a challenging object and you have captured it beautifully, I am not at all envious. 🤥


Not unusual here, the skies cleared after the storm, albeit with a lot of moon light. I also started imaging on 2 systems, sadly after 2 power supply trips during the first hour I gave up as I didn’t want to risk surge damage to the equipment. Then this morning we are totally without power, and the forecast is for recovery this evening some time. 🤥 Ho hum out came the Generator, loverly coffee.

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Thanks guys. Much sympathy for everyone on the other side of the UK dealing with the power cuts. 😞


I have to say, I was surprised that I only lost about four subs, and that was due to the balcony support being in the way. The guiding was working overtime though but coped admirably with only minor changes to aggression settings.


I didn't need to do very much other than 'reset' the home position on the mount to start with. Once that was done, I found that I could goto to the target and plate solve then centre with almost zero effort. Even the focus didn't warrant playing with as it hadn't really changed that much in swapping the l-Pro out with the l-eNhance. 


The ASIair has really enabled quick and easy 'opportunistic' imaging, which is exactly what I need given the constraints of imaging from my flat's balcony. It really has been a game-changer for me, not needing to have any laptop or apps running other than what's on my phone. All I had to do was make sure that guiding was calibrated ok and then run the planned capture. Shut the balcony doors, closed the curtains and kept an eye on the whole thing from the warmth and comfort of the sofa. 


I'm a bit worried that I've become soft and won't be able to deal with being 'out in the field' anymore 🤣 

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