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Altair Hypercam 26M capture software


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I'm considering the Altair Hypercam 26M.  For those that are using one (there looks to be a good few of you on this forum!), which software are you using to capture your images - ie NINA, ekos etc?   


There's not much information about it.  How are you finding the camera? Does it work flawlessly with the drivers or are there some workarounds to be aware of?


I have asked Altair astro directly and a retailer that sells the camera about its compatibility with indi / ekos , but have not had a response, so I was hoping you kind folks of the forum may be able to help me out! 

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I use the 26c with Nina and have absolutely no problems at all.. In fact I have a choice of an Ascom or native driver.


I suspect the best place to get information will be the Nina discord server where many of the Nina developers hang out.



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Nina uses a tiny amount of computer resources. I have multiple mounts in my observatory. The lowest powered device I use it on is ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08ZY5V62Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


These are the specs..MeLE Mini PC Windows 10 Pro 8GB DDR 256GB eMMC Celeron J4125 Processor Quad-Core Fanless Mini Computer 4K HD BT4.2 2.4G/5.0G Dual Band WiFi USB3.0   the price seems to bounce up and down but I got mine for £220.


I guess the point is that a fairly minimum spec machine will do it.


If I use Nina on my desktop PC the platesolving etc is near instant. 


The bigger issue you need to consider with these cameras is the shear amount of data they are trying to stuff through USB3 and the strains that puts on the system. Keep your cable length less than 1 metre and use an SSD drive and you should be ok.


I have not tried Ekos and can't make a direct comparison.


I will say that the customer service / support provided by Altair on my 26c was exceptional.



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I second the MeLe Quieter2 min PC.  I had to buy some adapters to get it connected to my 12v DC Hub, but it is considerably quicker than my previous BeeLink.  I'm surprised of the speed of the built in eMMC (normally these things are terrible).

I did add a m2 SSD for storage, so I have Windows and apps installed on the eMMC, and have NINA saving to the m2.  I've then set this to sync with my OneDrive, and therefore all my imaging syncs up to OneDrive from this during a session, and downloads to my main PC almost immediately for me to process.. even if I don't download immediately, it's on my main PC within 10-15 minutes of logging on... 


I tried AstroBerry with my 26c and couldn't get on.. but I've been a Windows fanboy for many many years!


I was lucky with the MeLe, managed to pick up for just £150 and a refurbed m2 for under £20.

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