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My mobile phone (android) has an 'invert colours' mode but it's a bit startling to be honest! 

I don't know if this helps, but on my PC I use a simple programme called RedScreen I found online which as the name suggest is a handy red filter that will go to fairly high levels, so if I turn my PC screen brightness right down and crank up RedScreen, it keeps the eyes dark adapted.


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Posted by: @Arioch

@ships-and-stars No issue with that, I'm on about this Forum. This forum has a Dark mode. If you click on the moon icon (bottom right if on a computer) it turns the background from white to black, and vice versa.

Thanks for that Dark Lord Of Chaos ?, I'm now on the Dark(side)Mode.


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There's lots that we will work on over time, the important thing was to get the registrations process sorted and then watch the bandwidth, but we are doing loads behind the scenes.

If you need help then just ask.

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