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NGC 2903 LRGB. Help needed


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This is 8 Bin 2 subs RGB in G2v calibration (600 sec R&G, 1050 sec B) from last night combined with 6 hours (36 subs) Bin 1 Luminance from last year. Sigma Add stacking and post in AstroArt 8.


If you look in the right of the galaxy you will see red, green and (Faint) blue "scruff" running in a vertical line, which is the RA direction, the "scruff" coming from the dither.994038308_FirstLRGB.thumb.png.4aba82b10fec224e62916bf4c4d54243.png


I am at a loss to work out where it's coming from, it's not on the Luminance stack, but can be clearly seen on each of the RGB stacks. My only though tat the moment is something moving slowly in near geosynchronous orbit, but that raises more questions than answers.


Any ideas / help gratefully received.

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4 hours ago, DaveS said:

Current best guess is that I caught a slow moving asteroid passing through.

Maybe you could go through some of your unstacked images, like that of a frame by frame, to see if you can see the object moving through the frames? I am no expert or that good, but it was just food for thought.

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