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M82 on a perfect night


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For once my guiding was sub 0.5 arc-sec and conditions were great all night (even with gusts of wind) so I was able to capture all the data in one sessionšŸ„³. This is 3hrs or RGB and 4hrs of Ha. On this occasion I used unity gain for RGB and 200 for Ha, I've decided that with so few good nights it makes sense and the noise isn't excessive. I combined the Red channel as 80%Ha+20% Red to emphasize the disruption.Ā M82.thumb.png.1eb4e8e9ef6d322ba374ab48c630dc09.png


Apart from M82 itself there are dozens of faint smudges which are probably be galaxy clusters.Ā 

The first image looks best on my calibrated monitor, the second is more clipped, adjusted for my office monitor.

C&C please!

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