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NGC 2175


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Hi all, not posted for a while, kind of lost my mojo.

After stripping / regressing my AZ-GTi and doing some cable tidying I needed to test it of course.

This is possibly my longest integration time so far ( I tend to get impatient 🙂 )

From memory, 60 mins Ha, 87 Oiii and 81 Sii.

Processed as SHO.

No calibration frames.

Also my first attempt at dithering and first time flipping (manually)

Pleasantly surprised that DSS took this in its stride when stacking.

Capture - APT 

Stacked - DSS 

Stretch / levels / curves PS6 

Final tweaks - lightroom mobile.

Thanks for looking 










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Thanks for the likes. What are your opinions on dithering / darks ? Should I use both ?

I had to stretch the image to within an inch of it's life (Bortle 7/8) but still seems noisy.

More integration time I guess.

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Yes more time needed. I dither between every sub and use darks/flats for calibration. I've noticed on my particular OSC it also requires bias although not required for either of my mono cameras.

On my dither I have it move 2 pixels then wait about 5 to 10 seconds for everything to settle. 

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Cheers Terry, I really need to learn not to rush things ! I've just reprocessed with darks, restacked, fiddled in PS6 etc ...

Much smoother  (on my monitor anyway) but forgot to exclude the poor quality frames 🙂

So I'ts better in one way but worse in detail 😞


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So, at the risk of becoming annoying, tried a new approach ...

Took my time - deleted the trailed star subs, deleted the misty poor transparency subs, stacked again in DSS - kept best 80%, then tried something new (to me) processed in Siril 🙂

finished with cropping and a slight colour balance (adjustments - selective colour) in Photoshop.

Much happier with this now.Monkey.thumb.png.a3403859d7ea031a22e9b9ead0c1f03c.png

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