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Canon 350D IR Mod


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Hi all I was wondering, I have an old Canon 350D (no longer used) do you consider it worth having a go at modifying it? I have seen a few posts about IR removal and being a retired electrician looks straight forward ? (maybe). Has anyone done it and feel its worth doing on such an old camera? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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Posted by: @AdAstraPaul

TerryMcK Thanks for the reply, yeah it does look a bit tricky in places but I have new glass's now so what could possibly go wrong! 

I lose screws all the time. I hear them ping on the floor never to be seen again! I also have dodgy hips so getting down to look for the errant screws is easy. But getting back up is impossible so I just don't bother ? - I must invest in a magnet!

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