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IC1396 Elephant SHO


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Both versions with and without OSC stars.


Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses  William Optics RedCat 51 APO Apochromatic Quadruplet Refractor  · Altair Astro Lightwave 66ED-R
Imaging Cameras QHYCCD 183 Cooled Color · Atik 460EX Mono
Mounts Skywatcher EQ6-R PRO Synscan
Filters Altair Astro Tri-Band OSC · baader Oiii 3.5nm · Baader SII 1,25" 4.5nm · Baader Ha3.5 nm
Accessories Aurora Eurotech Flat Panel · QHYCCD PoleMaster
Software PixInsight 1.8 Ripley · Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended · Astro Photography Tool
Guiding Cameras Sky-Watcher Evoguide 50 ED

Feb. 25, 2022
            Altair Astro Tri-Band OSC: 70x600" (11h 40') -20C bin 1x1
            Baader Ha3.5 nm: 32x900" (8h) -15C bin 1x1
            Baader Oiii 4.5nm 1.25: 30x600" (5h) -15C bin 1x1
            Baader SII 1,25" 4.5nm: 28x-15" (53') -15C bin 1x1

                  24h 33'
                  Flat darks:16
                  Avg. Moon age:23.83 days
                  Avg. Moon phase:32.44%
                  Bortle Dark-Sky Scale:5.00




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5 hours ago, ApophisAstros said:

Maybe some nebulosity in front of it?


I was curious so I checked my own images,  I think it's two bright stars close enough not to resolve fully.

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