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NGC2170 (Angel Nebula) LRGB - Jan/Feb 2022


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Here is a look at the Angel Nebula (NGC2170) a region of faint nebulosity and reflection nebulae in the constellation of Monoceros east of Orion. It lies along an imaginary line through Orion's belt stars about 1/3rd of the way towards the night sky's brightest star Sirius. This proved to be a very challenging target, mostly because of it's low altitude, transiting at only 31 degrees from my 52N location. Despite my fairly dark Bortle 4 skies I found that I was imaging the target during the low altitude murk above the horizon, with a nearby light dome from a small rural town 4 miles away causing some annoying LP gradients. I captured approx 18 hours of data with my QSI583wsg-5 through my 4" TSAPO100Q, but had to discard quite a few subs, so the final image comprises approx 7.5 hrs L and 2.5 each RGB for a total integration of ~15 hours.



Thanks for looking. As always, comments and feedback are much appreciated.

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