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QHY5L-II and software crashes

Allen Mitchell

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I spent about a month troubleshooting an odd issue that only I seemed to be having with a QHY5L-II mono guide camera.  Any software that I used with this camera would crash after about 5-10 minutes (sometimes longer but this was the average time).  I did my usual troubleshooting, and discovered that my software was crashing due to a .DLL file throwing an unhandled exception - which is an error that is not accounted for in the program.

The .DLL file is MSVCR90.dll
The error reported was that PHD2 "stopped working" - though that's not the actual error / fault.

The MSVCR90dll is a dynamic link library which is used by programs made in Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.  
The Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Library is a requirement of the QHY All In One Driver.  The version I had was V20.06.26.01.  According to the non so easy to navigate website this was the "latest" driver.  I've been informed since that the latest driver might be the one that ends in "26.36"

In any case - I ended up returning this camera to OPT due to software related issues and continual crashing related to a driver defect.
I verified this was not an issue with PHD2 by hooking up a ZWO camera to PHD2, and running it as a guide camera for over an hour without a single fault in PHD2.

Moral of the story:  If you're going to get a camera, make sure you have their latest software easilly available to you, and that updates to new versions are easy to find BEFORE you click "Add To Cart".  It might just make the difference between imaging without headaches tonight and fighting frustration for weeks or months.


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