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Telescope Piers


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I guess this should really go in the "hardware, nuts, & bolts" section, but as that section is still not operational, I'll post it here.


At some time, if not right from the start, some of us will opt for a permanent pier, as opposed to deploying a tripod each time we want to astro image.


Looking around the forums, I have seen a variety of DiY examples, some quite innovative. It certainly beats paying out £500+ for a commercially made one, and in some cases finding it not tall enough, and having to spend even more money on an extension. 


He are my Piers, 2002-2014, and the current one.


Picture 1, January 2002 where it all began, an 8" diameter steel tube, top, bottom, and adjustable mounting plates. Built by small a local metal fabricator, at a cost of £80.


At the start, this just supported an 8" SCT, but later a 12" Meade LX200R SCT with a piggy backed ED 80, on a Meade Super Wedge. Note, no anti-vibration fins, more correctly known as 'Fish Plates', that feature on some commercially available piers. These were never needed, and would have been no more than a proven unnecessary overkill.


The current Pier (picture 4), comprises a 100mm x 100mm square steel tube, with 12mm thick steel top, bottom, and mounting plates. M12 stainless steel studding for mount levelling (note: these are now much shorter than in picture). Cost of material was £90. The steel tube, and plates were bought on e-bay, ready cut to size,  and the tube welded to the top and bottom plates, by a local metal fabricator for £40. Total cost £130.


The Pier adaptor is the one that came as part of the HEQ5 Pro tripod, which I then removed, and fixed to the mounting plate on pier.  Why buy a pier adapter when I had one to hand. 🙂


Oh yes, 8 holes drilled, and two coats of Hammerite paint to finish.

pier 1.jpg

pier 2.jpg

pier 3.jpg

pier 4.jpg

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