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My first round of edits on M42

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Now I am new to this and this is my first real effort on M42, so bare with me and all advice critique is accepted at face value and welcomed. Camera cannon EOS 7D unmodified consisting of 205 × 30 second exposures for a total of around ninety minutes in a Bortle 4 sky with crescent moon present, other equipment details are in my signature. From what I can see, my tracking is limited and needs improvement, of which I am buying a ZWO monochrome camera in a few minutes just for that purpose, looks like I need to improve either my stacking or focus. Addendum: Editing done via Star tools.



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6 minutes ago, GazAstro said:

Really nice job 👍🏻

Not sure if I read correctly but if you feel your tracking needs improvement buying a mono isn't going to help.

I can't see your equipment as on a mobile but what mount do you use ?

I am using a NEQ 6 Pro from Skywatcher, the earlier version without the green accents.

As for the mono guide camera, the choice has arisen for a well known company (ZWO) and that of a more dedicated guide camera with better sensitivity, as the SVBONY is a colour planetary camera with no UV/IR filter and star bloat is causing issues as well as it is not all that sensitive on dim stars.

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