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Dark Shark Nebula from recent camp trip


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Posted by: @Carastro
Posted by: @don4l

How would you compare the data from the 2 sites?

They were both done from the same site Don, Bortle 4. but different years and different kit.  


Oh dear!  I thought that you had also tried it from your home.  I need some reading lessons.

Ah well... back to the drawing board then.


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Nice image Carole.

I'm surrounded by neighbours who have external lights on all night so I empathize with you. Because of this and also living in a Bortle 7/8 I am limited to NB on the mono camera and IDAS D2 filter on the OSC camera. Fortunately they are both the same kind of camera (ASI 183) so can combine to get a similar HaRGB as you.

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