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Giving up the hobby.


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I enjoyed 12 very successful years of astro-imaging (2002-2014), then left the hobby, and moved house, leaving my observatory behind.


Last September, I had the urge to return to the hobby which i did, and bought a complete new setup.


However, 6 months on, I am finding that the "buzz" is no longer there , and I am imaging the same objects that I imaged so many times,  back in the day. As such the interest has declined to the point where I am now almost at the point of selling up, and leaving the hobby again, but this time for good.


When I left the hobby in 2014, I got seriously into my life long interest of photography, and that is my where interest, and enjoyment now resides.


I  just need to decide on the best route for selling all of my astro gear (as listed in my signature below), all of which is six months old, or less, and in pristine condition.

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1 minute ago, TerryMcK said:

Sorry to hear that you are leaving Dave but fully understand your decision.

The forum does have a For Sale section which might help you.

Hi Terry.


Not an easy decision, but there seems little point in hanging on to the gear if the interest is no longer there.


When  I gave  up the hobby back in 2014, I managed to sell pretty much all of the gear as a complete package, to someone who was just starting out in the hobby, but wanted  to do so with decent gear. 


Nice if I could do this again, as opposed to sellling it off a bit at a time.

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Sorry to see you go Dave buy I can relate completely.

I got fed up with the weather / clouds / full Moon cycle and kept looking at my equipment just sitting there looking pretty !

In the end I decided to keep it (wasn't too expensive) but added an Az-Gti / Skywatcher 72ED which sits on a camera tripod set up ready to carry out to the back garden in minutes.

I've ended up using it way more than I ever used the big kit.

But yes ... you do end up imaging the same things over again after a while.

Best of luck with the sale, don't forget UkAstroBuySell.

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