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Greetings from Orkney

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@Islander Must be beautiful with your skies, I've done Bortle 3 in France and that was unbelievable, so what yours must like, I bet you can read a newspaper with the light from the Milky Way?

BTW talking about bright MW, were you aware that the dung beetle navigates by the light of the MW?

I don't suppose you have any dung beetles your way ? ? 

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@Jkulin I can't say I've ever tried reading by starlight ?  There's very little in the way of light pollution on my skylines and what little there was has been significantly reduced since the council replaced the old sodium discharge lamps with downward illuminating LEDs.   I suppose I'm pretty lucky overall although the weather here can be challenging...

If I see a swarm of beetles flying along the line of the MW then I'll know what they are :D

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