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M106, putting it to bed.


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At least for the time being :classic_biggrin:.


Last night I had a go at getting another 9 RGB subs in Bin 2 G2v calibration to add to the 9 I had captured earlier (A lot earlier lol). The 18 subs were stacked in AstroArt 8 then cropped to remove alignment edges and gradient reduced. After DDP they were combined into a RGB plate. This had a saturation boost and a *very* slight hue adjustment. After upscaling (Bicubic) it was layered with the synthetic luminance captured last year in Bin 1. No further adjustments were made (Or needed?).




Although there are a couple of HII jets I found combining the H-alpha data problematic. So unless I'm feeling masochistic enough to capture another shed-load of Hydrogen data and wrestle it into submission I'll park this here.

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Yep. Roughly speaking take exposures of a G2v star such that it's not going to saturate then measure the intensity of the image in your software of choice.

I used Maxim DL as I was using it for capture.

Use the same exposure time for R,G,B of course, and take enough subs to stack them in average.

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