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Coma Cluster WIP


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Work very much In Progress.


This was supposed to be 9 subs G2v Bin 2

RGB with the ODK rig, but three of the Blue subs had too much trailing. Sigma Add stacking in AA8, Crop, Gradient Reduction, DDP and a bit of fiddling after RGB synthesis.


I will try to add more data as and when, but the sky conditions have been discouraging lately, and are getting worse until we have a good a good amount of rain to wash the clag out.




The framing could have been better, I've lost a few galaxies from the top (West) of the image. Never mind, it is what it is.

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Thanks Bob, yes it's a very nice 'scope indeed (Should be for that price!), and is definitely seeing limited.


I managed another 9 subs in RGB (Instead of the BGR sequence previously) and again had a few trailed subs, but in the Red channel this time. Think I may have to sort out my sky model.


If the conditions aren't too horrible I will try for 6 hours of Bin 1 Luminance (Just in case there's any detail beyond the 1.2"/px) tonight then put it to bed.

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I now managed to capture another 9 RGB subs plus 36 Bin 1 Luminance, but again had trailing so not all made it into the stacks.


This is the result after a lot of crude image-bashing in AstroArt 8. 





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