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A late season Tadpole nebula RGB+HOO


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I've finally grabbed enough O3 to attempt an HOO combination. This time of year, the nebula stays above the trees for about 2 hrs after dark. I doubt I'll be collecting more on this one until next year now.


This image is the result of 9hrs Ha, 7hrs O3 and 45 mins RGB for the stars. By far the best stars were the Ha ones - that data was collected earlier in the year when the target was higher. I used Ha stars as a mask which tightened them a lot.


The initial HOO mix was Ha, O3, O3*.85+Ha*.15. I had to apply TGV noise reduction on chrominance because the O3 was still pretty noisy. I'm quite happy with the overall results for the amount of data. 


C&C please!


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