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Cygnus Wall reprocessed


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WO ZS103 with x0.8 reducer

ZWO ASI 183mm

  • S2 - 49 x 6 minute, Gain 111, Offset 8
  • Ha - 93 x 6 minute, Gain 111, Offset 8
  • O3 - 90 x 6 minute, Gain 111, Offset 8

Data acquired July 2021 with no astronomical darkness

Processed in PI with:

  • Ha 100% in luminance
  • S2 100% in red channel
  • Ha 75% in green channel
  • O3 100% in blue channel.




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4 hours ago, paul said:

I like what you did there, thanks for sharing the mix. It makes me want to go back to my shots to tone down the acid😉.

Paul you may have to experiment with LRGB when doing SHO renditions. 75% green worked well with the particular image but I have also done others with wildly varying ratios (mainly green) but sometimes even toning down the red mix too.




This is one I'm currently experimenting with that is just 50%

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