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Ello, ello, ello. What's all this then?


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Hello all.

My name is Ian and I am an astrophotography junkie.

I studied physics and astronomy at university but that's a loooooong time ago now, so please don't ask me anything technical.  I'd always maintained an interest in astronomy but this was mostly limited to watching Sky at Night and reading magazines.  That changed in 2012 when I bought a scope and started imaging.  Work often gets in the way of fun and I had a long, work enforced, break from imaging but I am back (though a bit sporadically) and trying to remember some of what I used to know.  I image using mono CCD cameras, iOptron mounts and, usually, APO refractors (though I do still have a Celestron Edge HD 11") and am generally interested in imaging DSOs.  You can see some of my images at www.ir-astro.com. 

Most of my working life has been spent in scholarly publishing.  However, I now work for a medical charity and astronomy is very much an escape from that.  I am proud to be a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society - they're unusual among learned societies in that they let amateurs in as full members (and the membership fees are tax deductible!)

I see some familiar names from another forum so thought I'd drop by... so hello, and stay safe, and clear skies.

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Hi Ian, Welcome & Enjoy, I'm sure you will be a major benefit to the m,embers on here?

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Welcome Ian. I also studied physics at Uni and also far too long ago to remember. I have always wanted to expand knowledge with an astrophysics degree when I retire. Welcome to the forums.

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