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APT problem "Can't read the image" with zwo ASI camera


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I get the APT error message "Can't read the image" when I try to take a picture through my ZWO ASI 120mm camera using APT. I usually use my DSLR but I want to change to a CMOS camera so I'm trying it out with my ASI120mm which is my normal guide camera. The ASI120 works fine with PHD2 and also with ZWO's own software suite so I know the camera and connection are ok so the problem seems to be with APT. APT recognizes the camera and connects ok but won't take a picture. I'm trying it without PHD2 running so there is no conflict that way. Any help would be appreciated.


My plan is to buy a bigger ZWO CMOS camera for astrophotography but I thought I'd just check in case there were compatibility problems before I spent a lot of money.





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