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Hello from the Southeast coast!

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My name is Frank. Recently retired, dusting off myself and two EX 125's.

I could use a little advice regarding

a focuser upgrade. Would a 2"

DIagonal work well with my

125mm scope? I believe I need

to have a SCT visual back adapter to make this work,correct?

Many thanks!












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17 minutes ago, Frank C. said:

Thank you! You have confirmed   

my question. I will proceed with my upgrade. Clear skies!







You're welcome. I've wondered about a 2" visual back for my Synta 127mm Mak'.




I know some are sold with one. Although to be honest I'm not sure what the advantages are for me.

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I just completed a total teardown of my first ETX 125. The drive motors put on a wonderful smoke show shortly after I purchased it many years ago.

I removed the OTA and trashed

all but the tripod. I later found      

a mint condition 125 and adapted it to a standard tripod. Great optics and very well cared for.

I recently had too much time on my hands so the original scope      went on the operating table for       bypass surgery. The plastic back   was removed and I put a draw   tube on. Removed primary and cleaned it along with the secondary. Colimation wasn't          too difficult as the screws were       indexed. 

My intention is to keep it as a backup but it will have limitations.

The newer ETX I intend to use visually and want it to be spot-on.

Now to the question in my rather lengthy post..... apologies to all.

Will a 2" focuser with SCT adapter provide good imaging without a focal reducer? If so, what focal        length should I use. I will be upgrading to 2" eyepieces.

Many thanks.




















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