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HCG 44 First pass LRGB


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Hickson 44, or the Leo Quartet. This is 5 hours of Bin 1 Luminance, plus 12 subs each Bin 2 RGB in G2v calibration, working out as 2 hours each Red and Green, plus 3 3/4 hours Blue for a total of 12 3/4 hours LRGB.


The Lum stack was cropped and given Gradient Reduction, DDP with High Pass filtering, and Richardson Lucy deconvolution.

The individual RGB stacks were cropped and given Gradient Reduction before being upscaled. Then given a soft DDP with no HPF, and a gentle Denoise to clear the background a little.

After coregistering with the Luminance, the individual RGB plates were combined into a RGB plate which was cropped then given a Saturation Boost and a slight shift in Hue.

Finally the Lum and RGB plates were combined into the LRGB image.




In addition to the main 4 galaxies there are at least another 4 not too faint fuzzies. North is to the Right.

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