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IC405 Flame Nebula - Season Encore in RGB


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Evening all,


could not let this target go - I swapped camera for the ASI2600MC-Pro OSC and spent several evenings last week taking 120s and 60s subs at Gain 0, as I read that when using shorter subs and no bi-colour filter the camera delivers better dynamic range and colour depth - who am I to argue as  after I have aggressively removed the light polution I doubt if it makes that much difference. I need to get mobile when imaging pure OSC RGB Broadband. 


So my season encore, I didn't see that much difference between 60s and 120s subs so I stacked them all and then used GHS with ArcSin Stretch to try and get as much star colour into the image. I also mixed in my 8hr Ha integration. I spent quite a lot of time trying to get the stars smaller and cleaner - using a single channel as a luminance - I used my Sii integration as the Ha stars are just too small to have any impact.

I still prefer the narrowband version, but this RGB(Ha) gives stars colour ( I did not do photometric colour Calibration) - just my interpretation of the data.



4hrs Integration, 2hrs of 120s subs + 2hrs 60s subs

Stacked and LP removal in APP

Stretched using GHS and ArcSin in PI

Incorporated 8hr of Ha (3nm) using a Rogelio Bernal Andrea Pixelmath equation (from his book)

Imaged through AT106EDT with Riccardi 0.75x FF/FR


I have posted two crops as the Ha was a smaller FOV using the ASI1600 so I matched that FOV to use the Ha





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