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Cooling settings


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I've just started with my first cooled camera which is a ZWO ASi1600. Got it all connected up in the shed to test and it all worked fine. Just a couple of questions about cooling.


I'm using APT to control the camera. APT has a tool called Cooling Aid which works fine and it cooled the camera from about 12C ambient down to 0c. What target temperature would you suggest for normal use? DO you just go for the lowest temperature it's capable of?


When I finished the testing I went to close APT but it warned me that the camera was still connected. So I attempted to disconnect the camera but it warned me that cooling was still switched on. So I went to switch the cooling off and it warned me that there was a danger of thermal shock if I did that and suggested that I use heating aid to raise the temperature before switching off cooling. Which I did. But can you tell me the correct procedure for shutting down a session with regard to cooling. Also that thing about thermal shock, can that really happen?




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I always go for -20C with all my cooled cameras. Even in the summer when it may be about 20C ambient at night I can always hit -20C.

People in hotter climates may have different ideas though.


Warm it up gradually. I go for about 5C at at time until it gets to zero or slightly above and then disconnect.

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