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Deepest, Not Darkest, Kent


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Hi All,

I'm Ewan - some of you will know me from the 2nd hand astro page on Facebook, where I'm the "Annoying Domineering Moron with Insecurities & Needs" (admin for short) or from Ashford Astro.


I live in a small area of Dover called Elms Vale with my wife, 3 cats and various foxes that use our garden as a thoroughfare from the woods behind our house.  To the East is Dover Docks which gives most of the light pollution for the skies here and rates us at Bortle 5.  South is nothing until you hit France (but there's a big hill in the way so I lose 25 degrees).  West & North are ok, but I've the house and a hedge to contend with.


I run my garden obsy from the comfort of the living room, where the only thing I don't have set up to work remotely is the focusing mask for each telescope and I'm working on that - being able to flip the mask into position and away again without having to get up would be nice!!


I like one shot colour imaging of deep sky stuff rather than visual and planetary, but have recently sparked an interest in the geological side of astronomy and the formation of our galaxy so am reading around that area and taking a course with the OU on it.  For imaging I'm using the Altair Astro 183C Pro TEC with their TriBand filter which means I can shoot through the light pollution and grab the rising DSO's and prettymuch anything north.

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Hi Ewan, I am from Kent too, but the opposite end, near SE London, so as you can imagine my LP is awful at Bortle 8.

I have occasionally drive to my friend at Deal passing through Dover on the way, and yes it is certainly very hilly.

I'm an Astrophotographer and have browsed through your FB selling site, but much prefer forums to FB.


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