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Hello from Manchester!


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Hi all,

I am Dave from Stretford where the sun shines all day and we enjoy long cloud free nights {riiight} I am old enough to remember Sputnik and the Space Race that followed and actually won a TV competition at the time of Apollo 11. My prize was a huge map of the visible moon, which went on my bedroom wall. It was then that my interest was fired in anything 'Space' related and during that time I learned the sky in a rudimentary way. And then an intense career and family life got in the way but holidays were spent camping in the Lakes often under a canopy of stars, so my interest was never far away. Retirement now finally gives me the time to devote my attention to this and I have spent lockdown reading and looking and planning and, finally, spending. I think my interests will be mainly observing the solar system and what DSO I can reach. My hobby background is in photography so I can't rule out that encroaching here. A month ago I put my money down on an Nexstar Evolution 8 + Starsense and whilst I am waiting on that 'slow boat from China' I have gathered numerous bits and pieces to go with it.

I look forwards to getting involved in this new venture during the cold, dark nights ahead and to interacting with you people here.




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Hi Dave. I’m just up the road from you in Monton. We too are blessed with blue skies during the day and endless clear skies at night ? 

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Having introduced myself a month ago I then disappeared for a month, but I'm still here.

A huge box from my dealer arrived yesterday after an eight week delay and I now have my Nexstar Evolution 8 with Starsense unit sat atop all set up and ready to go.

There may be questions :-)

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