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M81 Bodes Galaxy and M82 Cigar Galaxy in Ursa Major


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Hello everyone,


my last image of this season, I am not really a galaxy imager and as astro darkness rapidly shrinks away, I will pack up and enjoy the summer evenings before getting out again probably late July/August.


So this is a classic image of two galaxies 12 million light years distant from earth.


I wasnt going to get into galaxies this year at all as ( heresy to some)- I dont really find them that interesting as  imaging projects.  Ok thats out of the way.....

I was experimenting with ASI2600MC, just trying to see what I could image in unfiltered OSC, mostly thinking about RGB stars for future narrow band projects, and started to image the M81/ M82 pair and kept going. I had imaged these galaxies April 2020 as a lockdown project, so I had about 4 hrs LRGB and 3hrs Ha from ASI1600MM.

I combined that with 5hrs ASI2600 OSC data.

I have a lot of LP from my back garden and any hope of capturing IFN that surrounds this area was gone due to aggressive LP removal in APP and gradients removed with DBE.


Anyway I'm signing off for the next few months, at least from astro imaging projects, plenty non-astro projects waiting for me in the house and garden...







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Great image Bryan. I know what you mean about galaxies. It suits some but not everybody.

I myself am spending time imaging the closest star until DSOs start appearing again. I can do solar without any late nights and like you can enjoy the summer evenings.

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That is a great passing shot 🙂

I've just got my big scope+mount working at close to peak performance, it's been a long journey getting there. The sky promises 1 night of moonless skies this week - so I'll take those 4hrs. I really want a full set RGB on the whale and hockey stick galaxies. 


If I can get a moonless night after that then M51 or M101 before the season closes. Over the summer I plan to move my observatory to a more central position in the garden just to get a few more degrees of eastern sky and then its prep for widefield and getting the Samyang rigged up for auto-focus (and finally coming out of its box!). 


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