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NGC6888 - Crescent Nebula - 7 Hours in HOO & SHO

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Fooling around in Astro Pixel Processor & Photoshop with just shy of 7 hours worth of Crescent captured over three sessions.


This time it's processed with separate star layer/starless versions but I've also got some with 60% stars waiting to play with.


SHO was a bit of a hack as I never actually created even a false SII channel, just mucked around with a copy of the Ha channel.


Still need to capture some RGB stars for all of these, which hopefully will improve things a bit.


Not very fond of the star removal in APP but it's early days. Wish I could use starlet++ but I don't use Pixinsight and my new pc is a Mac M1 so no chance right now.


Hey ho!







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