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Hello from North East England

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I have had an interest in Space since Apollo 11 landed on the moon when I was 12.

About 15 years ago I started to have more free time when I was no longer dads taxi (University claimed my daughter) and I was not having to do work from home. 
I joined my local Astronomical Society Sunderland Astronomical Society (SAS who stares wins). 
I became an active member and started helping at public events and going to Star Parties. 

i have had a a few scopes and mounts over the years but due to a bad back (bolted together after breaking it) I now have my own Observatory in the garden (I cannot lift the heavy mounts around) with a CEM120 and William Optics GT81 with Atik 460 mono and filters. I am waiting to pick up a MN190 when restrictions allow to allow for longer FL imaging. I do have a portable travel set up Astrotrac, Star Adventurer and WO SD66. Along with the shed of “that seems a good idea” accessories and eyepieces.

I would class myself as an enthusiastic amateur and am looking forward to receiving and giving any help I can.

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Welcome @m.tweedy, I would love to know your real name too though ?. That's a nice set of gear and yes it's great to have an observatory; mine certainly has saved my bad back too and allowed me to continue to participate in and enjoy this hobby.

Regards, Geof

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