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Probably my last galaxies for this season, M51, the Whale and Hockey stick


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I was lucky to have a couple of ok nights to squeezing some last galaxies. Sadly, not enough integration time for either target but all things considered not a bad outcome, processing was a bit heavy handed to bring out detail. These are RGB with roughly 1hr per filter. For M51 conditions were good enough to grab 30 mins of Ha! 



The Whale and Hockey stick session had pretty poor seeing and the Moon interfered a bit.1454746647_NGC4631andNGC4656-7(WhaleandHockeyStickGalaxies).thumb.jpg.69ba3b702df3581de5aa1f06c4a6f957.jpg


I'm happy to report that the quality of guiding has stayed consistent since I did the overhaul of the CEM70 + tweaked balance. No wild oscillations and 0.6 total rms typical, occasionally under 0.5. DEC is often down at 0.3. This is getting me more detail out of my shots at 1200mm fl. 

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