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NGC6888 Crescent HOO

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I had this once also. I found the following, not particularly helpful, link https://pixinsight.com/forum/index.php?threads/background-level-is-zero-error.18097/


If I remember right I think I ended up stacking that one in APP. But I subsequently read somewhere that you can fix this by using the output pedestal setting in WBPP and entering a value like 50 or so. But I never tried that so cannot confirm that it worked.





Nice image BTW



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My output pedestal settings are set to automatic so that might be something to try too.




Incidentally my CosCor template, seen above, is actually a process icon which is in my process icons group that I have called CosCor. I use it to eliminate residual hot pixels if missed by sigma rejection. It can also be used to correct any column defects. These are the settings:





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