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Do you image DSO's when there is no "Astro Dark"


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I'm about to lose Astro Dark for the next couple of months. So I'm interested if anyone still tries to capture DSO's over this period or is it a matter of break down the rigs and do some maintenance. I dont really have much interest in lunar, solar (not that we see much of the sun out here) or planetary.


Just curious!



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Yes I was imaging several DSO objects last year and the year before around July/Aug time with reasonable results. Mainly SHO imaging and for about 3 to 4 hours in a go. This image of the Cygnus Wall for instance was taken on 17th to 21st July 2021


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Thanks Terry. I'm only OSC so I had it in my head to see what sort of results I could get with the L-enhance, my thinking was that since I can get good data with the l-enhance at 3/4 moon I should be able to do so in summer twilight.


We are at much the same latitude (53N) so thanks for your input.



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That's very interesting. For a couple of sessions recently I was imaging Ha for 1/2 hr either side of astronomical dark but just because such timings are fuzzy. Results weren't too bad for me.


So focusing on Ha and S2 over the mid year might be worth a go.  O3 is likely to be a wash-out I guess.


(Now my gear is setup I was thinking maybe to change tack and focus on moon and planetary imaging if they clear my trees. I've not done much of that since 2005 😄.)



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